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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wrath of the Crows set report: Day 6...

Day 6, August 3rd

Shooting with the raven wasn't easy. We started with some easy shots on the river and everything went smoothly. We then went to the jail set and had rehearsals with it and the crow was very quite and behaved like a true actor. Unfortunately, when all the actors were on their cell phones, the bird became nervous and started flying everywhere except where it was supposed to. We were unable to get the shot, so we stopped and started filming another scene without the crow.

The next scene was an action sequence between the characters Liza and the officer. The scene was very complex. Almost the entire cast was on set, all the prisoners and all of the soldiers. Everything went very well, so at the end, we started with the crow again. The bird calmed down, and we were able to shot some, but I need more, so I think I will have to call the trainers [of the crow] again before the end of the shoot.

We were unable to shot scene 19, so we will have to pick it up tomorrow.

Ivan Zuccon

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