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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wrath of the Crows set report: Day 24...

Day 24, August 21st

Today, before I went to the set, I watched some footage, and there's a lot of amazing stuff. I looked at the footage of the tunnel location and it looks very scary. The material we did with Debbie and Suzi at the circus location is very entertaining. Suzi Lorraine’s Pierrot Make-up is very nice and she looks great with the short black wig. Great Special FX as well, with the axe in Suzi’s head.

Let's start with today’s scenes. Today we shot Suzi’s last scene, number six, a very dramatic scene. Both actors, John Game and Suzi Lorraine, were great. John is a fine talent; Suzi impressed me when she had to cry in the dramatic scene. An amazing scene, I'm very happy.

Today is the day that both Debbie Rochon and Suzi Lorraine leave the set. It was sad to see them leave; I hope to see them again soon.

Ivan Zuccon

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