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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wrath of the Crows set report: Day 18...

Day 18, August 15th

We started by making up scene 64 with the characters, Spoon and Charlie, the old man. It's the final scene of the movie, so we made sure everything was accurate. We used the crane for the shot. Spoon is a very weird role, and Emanuele did a terrific job with the characterization. The film ends with an extreme close-up, a big responsibility for him. After this scene was done we started with the program of today.

Next we shot a great scene in a church (with wonderful Make-up FX on the priest's face, realized by the CreaFX guys, a very impressive piece of prosthetic art), when Hugo kills the priest that performs miracles, and a scene in Spoon’s hideout, where he kills one of his victims. For the victim I've called my friend Roberta Marrelli, a great friend of mine and a great actress too. It was a great pleasure to see her on my set. We finished at 8:00 am, very, very late. This was because we had some problems with the Make-up FX. We will try to fix these issues during the next few days.

Ivan Zuccon

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