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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wrath of the Crows set report: Day 2...

Day 2, July 30th

Day two was an easy one. We shot the monks by the river where the inquisitor (played by my old friend Emanuele Cerman) gives Tiffany Shepis' character the death sentence for witchcraft.

This is Emanuele Cerman's big return. It has been many years since we have worked together, and it's nice to see him working on my set again.

We then shot pick-ups of Tara and Debbie during their escape from prison, in another wooded location.

In the afternoon we worked with actor Gerry Shanahan who plays Charlie, a very wise old man. He looks impressive with his long beard, white wig, tunic and white lenses (used because he's blind). He's also a terrific actor, so the shots were really beautiful.

We finished early so for once we were able to go home and get some rest because tomorrow we start shooting at night!

Ivan Zuccon

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